Making a Difference

The dollars you invest in the United Way of Midland stay here in our community, helping 65,000+ Midlanders annually.  Learn about how your gift is making a difference.




Mary improved her reading and math skills, but most importantly learned to control her anger and care about others. Teresa was once homeless and jobless, with five children to support, but now has a new lease on life. Brian had hit rock bottom, homeless and addicted with a prison record, he had nowhere to turn.
David was painfully shy until he was matched with a Big Brother. Johnny was once homeless, but now has a home and stable job. Keely, Kelsi and Kyra were sad and fearful after living in an abusive relationship, but are now happy and healthy.

Zac had learning disabilities and wouldn’t make eye contact at first, but two years later he won an academic achievement award.

Maria was unable to speak English and unemployed, now she reads adult books and has a professional career. The Portman family has four children, one with autism, SHARE gave them a chance to be a family again.